Thank you for visiting! My name is Eric "E." Short. I am from Virginia but currently reside in Georgia. I am primarily a saxophonist that can play other instruments such as piano and flute, but I am also a recording engineer, teacher, and most importantly a father and a husband.

I began playing the saxophone when I was in middle school band. I played jazz and symphonic band in high school and graduated from the #1 public school of the performing arts at the time--Virginia Commonwealth University. Here is where I came into my own style of playing, having been compared to some greats such as Grover Washington Jr. and Gerald Albright by my professors, friends, and people who simply enjoy music. While attending VCU, I learned how to play piano, some flute, clarinet, and guitar. I graduated from VCU  with a Bachelor's degree in 2014. 

Just like you, I have had many challenges--some I've failed, some I've overcome, some I'm still dealing with. However, one of my biggest strengths is I am a very persistent individual--when I set my mind to do something, I'm not easily deterred. I believe that He will never give me more than I can handle and therefore, I can face whatever obstacles may come in my way. He's shown me many times that my purpose is to bring alleviation to people through music and that is what I am doing. Music is the universal language, it can bring people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs, etc., together and FEEL.  

You've made it this far! If anything I've said resonates with you and/or you would like to know more about me then join me! Join me as I push myself to continuously get better, produce better music for all to listen to, and simply be the musician, husband, father, and friend He's called me to be.  Also, feel free to leave me a message on my site and on social media platforms, make a purchase at my store, and/or leave a small donation through PayPal link, and spread the word! THANKS AGAIN!